Friday, November 22

Jesus Calling - December 12th, 2024

Jesus Calling: December 12

I am taking care of you. Feel the warmth and security of being enveloped in My loving Presence. Every detail of your life is under My control. Moreover, everything fits into a pattern for good, to those who love Me and are called according to My design and purpose.
     Because the world is in an abnormal, fallen condition, people tend to think that chance governs the universe. Events may seem to occur randomly, with little or no meaning. People who view the world this way have overlooked one basic fact: the limitations of human understanding. What you know of the world you inhabit is only the tip of the iceberg. Submerged beneath the surface of the visible world are mysteries too vast for you to comprehend. If you could only see how close I am to you and constantly I work on your behalf, you would never again doubt that I am wonderfully caring for you. This is why you must live by faith, not by sight; trusting in My mysterious, majestic Presence.


Romans 8:28 (NLT)
28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Additional insight regarding Romans 8:28: God works in "everything" - not just isolated incidents - for our good. This does not mean that all happens to us is good. Evil is prevalent in our fallen world, but God is able to turn every circumstance around for our long-range good. Note that God is not working to make us happy but to fulfill his purpose. Note also that this promise is not for everybody. It can be claimed only by those who love God and are called by him, that is, those whom the Holy Spirit convinces to receive Christ. Such people have a new perspective, a new mindset. They trust in God, not in worldly treasures; their security is in heaven, not on earth. Their faith in God does not waver in pain and persecution because they know God is with them.

Job 42:1-3 (NLT)
Job Responds to the Lord
42 Then Job replied to the Lord:
2 “I know that you can do anything,
    and no one can stop you.
3 You asked, ‘Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorance?’
    It is I—and I was talking about things I knew nothing about,
    things far too wonderful for me.

1st Peter 5:7 (NLT)
7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

2nd Corinthians 5:7 (NLT)
7 For we live by believing and not by seeing.

Additional insight regarding 2nd Corinthians 5:6-8: Paul was not afraid to die because he was confident in spending eternity with Christ. Of course, facing the unknown may cause us anxiety, and leaving loved ones hurts deeply, but if we believe in Jesus Christ, we can share Paul's hope and confidence of eternal life with Christ. Death is only a prelude to eternal life with God. We will continue to live. Let this hope give you confidence and inspire you to faithful service.


  1. Thank you Jesus. My hope and confidence is in the Lord. I may not see him working it out but he is behind the scenes orchestrating his will and purpose. Thank you for the word of God.🙌🙏

  2. This goes with yesterday's regarding God's love for us. If we could only see how close He is to us and He is always working on our behalf, we would never doubt how much He cares for us.

  3. Thank you for your devotional. My health and strength comes from the Lord Jesus 🙏, and he is my Healer.

  4. Thank you Lord for your Grace, Mercy, Patience, Kindness, Longsuffering! Especially for your Word!!

  5. When if 2024 12:12 our angels of Jesus Christ prophet of the new 2nd sun of God win
    48 hrs is 2 days? Still end 2nd Jesus is coming soon!!!!!??!!??!!??