Tuesday, March 26

Jesus Calling - March 26th, 2025

Jesus Calling: March 26th

   Waiting on Me means directing your attention to Me in hopeful anticipation of what I will do. It entails trusting Me with every fiber of your being, instead of trying to figure things out yourself. Waiting on Me is the way I designed you to live: all day, every day. I created you to stay conscious of Me as you go about your daily duties.
    I have promised many blessings to those who wait on Me: renewed strength, living above one's circumstances, resurgence of hope, awareness of My continual Presence. Waiting on Me enables you to glorify Me by living in deep dependence on Me, ready to do My will. It also helps you to enjoy Me; in My Presence is fullness of Joy.


Lamentations 3:24-26 (NIV)
24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion;
    therefore I will wait for him.”
25 The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him,
    to the one who seeks him;
26 it is good to wait quietly
    for the salvation of the Lord.

Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)
31 but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

Additional insight regarding Isaiah 40:31: Even the strongest people get tired at times, but God's power and strength never diminish. He is never too tired or too busy to help and listen. His strength is our source of strength. When you feel all of life crushing you and you cannot go another step, remember that you can call upon God to renew your strength. Trusting in the Lord is the patient expectation that God will fulfill his promises in his Word and strengthen us to rise above life's difficulties. Though your faith may be struggling or weak, accept his provisions and care for you.

Psalm 16:11 (NLT)
11 You will show me the way of life,
    granting me the joy of your presence
    and the pleasures of living with you forever.

Additional insight regarding Psalm 16: 8-11: This psalm (16:10 - "For you will not leave my soul among the dead or allow your holy one to rot in the grave.") is often called the messianic psalm because it is quoted in the New Testament as referring to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both Peter and Paul quoted from this psalm when speaking of Christ's bodily resurrection (see Acts 2:25-28, 31; 13:35-37).

Today's Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

Teach us to patiently wait on You with hopeful anticipation of Your work in our lives. Help us trust You with every fiber of our being rather than relying on our own limited understanding. Your way is better than ours. 

Waiting on You is the way You designed us to live—conscious of Your presence throughout each and every day. Grant us the promised blessings: renewed strength, hope above circumstances, and awareness of Your continual presence.

May our dependence on You glorify Your name, and may we find joy in Your presence, where fullness of joy abounds. You are a good God, and we are grateful. 

In Jesus' name, amen.


  1. Even know i'm not the strongest through god i can do anything. I can do anything through christ who strengthens me. even when i thin i have no one the lord is always there

  2. My faith in the lord grows ever stromger

  3. Brenda PopeMarch 26, 2023

    God has been with me all of my life from the time I was a child. He has protected me in many circumstances where I could have lost my life! I trust Him because even when I didn’t know it, He was with me. I love and trust You JESUS!!!☦️💟🙏🏾

  4. You have helped me so much Lord, AMEN ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. Jesus on rely on you for everything please heavenly as we wait for the an approval fir my grandson to get Ct scan it mri of his brain control his behavior I do not know why so many children are suffering from autism but you Jesus whom healed the lame the mentally ill so many miracles we wait for you to answer our prayers we are still and know that you are God❤️🙏🏼

  6. I trust in you lord. I gave you my heart and my worries. Thank you