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Jesus Calling: August 28th, 2024

Jesus Calling: August 28th

Grow strong in the Light of My Presence. As My Face shines upon you, you receive nutrients that enhance your growth in grace. I designed you to commune with Me face-to-Face, and this interaction strengthens your soul. Such communion provides a tiny glimpse of what awaits you in heaven, where all barriers between you and My Glory will be removed. This meditative time with Me blesses you doubly: you experience My Presence here and now, and you are refreshed by the hope of heaven, where you will know Me in ecstatic joy.


Psalm 4:6-8 (NLT)
6 Many people say, “Who will show us better times?”
    Let your face smile on us, Lord.
7 You have given me greater joy
    than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine.
8 In peace I will lie down and sleep,
    for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.

Additional insight regarding Psalm 4:7: Two kinds of joy are contrasted here - (1) inward joy that comes from knowing and trusting God and (2) happiness that comes as a result of pleasant circumstances. Inward joy is steady as long as we trust God; happiness is unpredictable. Inward joy defeats discouragement; happiness covers it up. Inward joy is lasting; happiness is temporary.

Revelation 21:23 (NLT)
23 And the city has no need of sun or moon, for the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its light.




  1. Thank You for posting! God used this devotional to speak to me today.
    God Bless

  2. Amen . God is good . Open my eyes to see the.light every day πŸ˜πŸ’•

  3. Thank you for these amazing devotionals. I look forward to reading them in the morning and again before I go to bed. God is amazing and the Joy he brings me is everlasting! Have A wonderful day everyone.

  4. Thank you, Jesus! All glory to YOU! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•✝️